Lessons from- Enlightenment

 Today I tell you my lessons from my spiritual awakening/enlightenment. I don't do it much myself, but there are some very important things that you only learn when your soul is awakened (I talked about this last month).

Lesson 1: Be in the moment: when you are in the moment you notice so many things. People ask me all the time: aren't you bored? But are you sure you're comfortable being alone? Why are you alone? Is everything OK? Are you sad? I can answer all that with everything is ok, I just learned to be in the moment, because even when I am quiet I hear and see a lot of things. Being in the moment means being present in the present. Not to be in the future or the past. Remember Kung Fu Panda? The turtle (I can't write the name) said in it: Yesterday is the past, tomorrow is shrouded in mystery, today is a gift, so it's called the present. This turtle is basically an enlightened soul. And I think Po enlightens himself in Part 3 (I haven't found the proof yet, when I tell you). Being in the present also means observing the world around you. When you're in the forest you look and smell and wonder and that's the way it is for whatever you are. If you are in a bar you can be quiet for 5 minutes and you won't believe it, and lots of people will be talking around you, but listen and we are the conversation that interests you and you will learn a lot.

Lesson 2: The mind: I've said a lot about the mind, but the mind is a really big concept because it's really very big. It includes thoughts as well as hearing and smells and eyes. Yes, it literally took me 1000 years to realise that the mind is really everything. From what we think and see, to smells and hearing, but also everything that we feel and sense, so also emotions. Yes, it is difficult to understand, but that is the way it is. A while back I was reading a book (which I still haven't finished oops) The Destiny of Souls. I found it very difficult to read chapter 2 about what happens when someone loses a loved one. And then what do the spirits -souls of these loved ones try to comfort their loved ones (before they don't want to leave the earth). Of course there were people who said yes Eva why was it so hard for you to read this chapter? It's nothing like that, is it? Yes they are right what is it something like? Of course it is!! Our minds are structured in such a way that they fear death or associate death with something terrible and with fear. This has made me feel uneasy, even though death is normal (when I was a child I was afraid of death, well until I started to awaken spiritually a year ago, to be honest). When I was thinking about why death is something bad for me and when I was struggling with this thought (to overcome it) I remembered a sentence that was said by a person who is already enlightened and I know her really well and she is close to me (more than my parents). She said: " You can fight with your mind and that's how you come to nothing. What she meant by getting to nothing is not quite clear to me yet. But I have understood what she meant by fighting with the mind. This is exactly what the mind thinks, that death is bad, but it is wrong and this is the struggle with it.

Lesson 3: Talk to the Universe: Every time I am outside it is telling me something. Or it reminds me of a person who means a lot to me and whom I mentioned a little earlier. And that's how it tricks me. It really gets on my nerves. Otherwise, because of the universe, I learn a lot of information about what I should do in life and where I should go. That means a lot to me and gives me a boost and cheers me up. The universe sends me angel numbers, animals, symbols (hearts), songs, words and you name it. In short, there are many signs from the universe and each thing has its own meaning. That is why there is a myriad of information going into my head.

Finally, I wanted to say that, no matter what, I really love the universe and I am grateful to it for all the help it gives me and to the angels and other beings who stand by me. I would also like to say that the path to enlightenment is long and takes a lot of time, but with perseverance I will make it! Of course, if you subscribe to the newsletter to keep up to date, you will be kept informed of the progress! See you again in 4 days.