Life is beautiful, why? - Motivation

Today, on a very important issue. Why is life beautiful? (Tell me your answer in a comment!) For me, it's beautiful because of many things.I've listed some of my reasons and some of other people's reasons too. And I added my thoughts about it.

Because you have people around you who love you: at least most of them. I don't know if the people around me really like me. Somehow I always have thoughts (in my mind) that I can't stop and I really miss the possibility to get rid of them (to remove them and make it impossible for them to ever come back).

Because life is theatre: Yes I know I went there myself and I really enjoyed it immensely for 4 years. And I learned a lot too. One of them is how to improvise, because it really comes in handy in my current life. But when I started to awaken spiritually I realised that in reality everything we feel, think, see and touch is a product of the mind and not of ourselves. And it is our mind that creates the illusion that many do not recognise. We are literally living in a simulator, because we are just players in a role that we are supposed to enjoy. But many don't know that, so they waste their precious time with samurai (unless it's in the soul's plan). But that's okay, even such souls soon come back to earth because they can complete the lesson.

Because it allows us to progress: I know how cliché that sounds but it's true. Every time we re-embody ourselves we have the possibility of progress. But it is true that some people choose to do nothing and just have fun. And yet, the rest of us have so much more room for progress. As you progress, you get better. And that is the point of life, to make a difference in the world or in ourselves, because even small steps count.

Because if you look with your heart you see the real picture: that's what the fox in The Little Prince said. She was right that with the heart you really see exactly what is real without the illusion of the mind. You will never see better!

The Little Prince is really a top book that every child should read and adult should read again when they grow up to understand it better. Because The Little Prince reflects many things that are important for life. More about that next month.

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