My dream job - Time for me

Today I'll tell you what my dream job is. I like routine, but not completely. I like to wake up at around the same time and I like to go to sleep. I like to be at home at the same time, but I can't just be at home all day.

So my dream job does not exist in theory. But I have a lot of aspirations so they are not a problem and I have a lot of ideas for jobs that would be suitable for me. So here are the jobs: Making video games, farming, writing a blog, making websites and learning about them.

I do all these things or I know the basics I have 2 blogs and a farm. But I am also learning how to make games and how websites work and generally the algorithm of apps to increase the viewership of my two blogs.

This is literally my dream job because I love working from home and being at home because I have a big garden space and animals that I love there but I also love coffee and I love being outside and in nature. I also love technology computers and programming because I really like to learn new things.

I told you a little bit about myself. I know you already knew this, but I really could have emphasised it and I really don't regret it. But for more much better content, subscribe to the newsletter and you'll be kept up to date via email. See you again in 4 days.