The 3 biggest challenges of blogging - Tips

Today I'm talking about the challenges I have in creating a blog, its content and everything that goes with it. I have a list of the 3 biggest challenges.

Grammar: I'm not good with it I had a lot of trouble with it when I was at school. I was never good at it and I was afraid I never would be. I was wrong! Today I am doing much better than I did at school.

Post: I don't know what to post. I have a list for the whole year in advance, but I still don't know what to post or if the post I have planned is even suitable and possible for me to write. Then I can change it and it screws up the whole system, but okay. But I always find something informative and interesting to read. Something that would help you or me, or that I'm struggling with, and I can express myself and maybe help somebody else.

Earning: I won't say I haven't earned anything in almost 5 years because I would be lying. But I haven't earned enough to live on. That's why I still see earning money from my blog as a big challenge. I thought it would be easier to be honest, but still, I'm going to succeed in that soon hehe.

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