Do I believe in ghosts? - Time for me

 Today, I want to go deeper into the question of ghosts. Do I believe in them? 

When I was little, of course I did not believe in ghosts. Who would at the age of 8? Anyone, eh? Of course, but I somehow didn't. Until I started watching conspiracy theories and wondering if ghosts were real? 

The answer is: Yes, they are. Ghosts do exist and they really can haunt our castles for 400+ years. And in the spirit world, that only means 40 years or even 40 days. Of course, that's why they lose a lot of time anyway. 

Since I've been awakening spiritually a lot has changed in my life really a lot. I don't know who I am anymore, where I am going, where I should go, who I should leave, who I can be with and many more questions I have.

But on this journey I have realised that there are ghosts and I believe in the exercises, because why wouldn't there be? In Iraq, some people have the chance to see them and others do not. These are special gifts. They are truly rare! And yet, it is possible to talk to them. In the end, we do not even know if they are really with us. 

In reality, it's a little different with ghosts. They are invisible, but some people feel the energy. As a consequence, we can also feel ghosts. Their presence or their touch. So don't be afraid when someone who has recently died visits you in a dream, or touches you on the arm, or shows you something that only he or she knew. His or her soul is trying to tell you that he or she is there with you and that everything is fine with him or her and not to cry anymore because he or she is with you all the time! 

This is how souls/spirits connect with us, either through dreams or through physical touch. They can also connect with a melody that literally lights up on its own. If this melody reminds you of the deceased, it must have been him or her who told you that he or she is in a beautiful place full of joy and love (in Christianity this is called heaven), but I call it the soul world, because there is no hell! 

My answer. I am an advanced soul myself, which means that I know how to make my own dreams and appear in them. I know many talents I can still discover and develop. I still have a few years ahead of me, I am sure of that. 

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