Love on the web - Love

 I started dating online. When I was 12. I had no experience of it before. From that point of view, I have a few more exes than I physically have (so I could call them boyfriends). 

I felt a lot safer on the internet on my own. Because I didn't have physical contact with them and they couldn't take advantage of me or hit me or anything like that. I've always had a strong intuition which helped me to identify who would be a good candidate. Of course, there have been times when I have taken advantage of someone (well, I said that we were together, that the other person was happy, not because it was because I really wanted to). 

Of course, I know that some people don't believe in that kind of love and say that you can't feel anything for a person online. I can tell you from my own experience that both of the guys who ended up really being my boyfriends for a short time were sceptics about it. 

They both learned that you can feel something for a person online. And not superficially real and strong feelings. 

Because before you get to know and trust a person, it really doesn't happen overnight. And I think it's silly that some people think that it's good and they can go to bed with them. Sory I can disappoint you love is not sex! It is much more than that. You have to trust the person, they can mean something to you, you can love them, you can understand them, you can be there for them when they are down and when they are the happiest person in the world. You cannot get that in a few hours or days. It takes months, if not years. 

So don't rush to get in and out of the relationship. Love develops and deepens in all spectrums and needs care, time. It requires the whole of you, not just your lower head (applies to boys). 

If you have been following my blog for a while you know that I have a thing for a certain person (I was hoping I wouldn't have to talk about her but I can). I have a really nice relationship with her. Okay she has been ignoring me for more than 4 months now but still our relationship is deepening. Because it seems to me that her ignoring tactics come from deepening the relationship and have nothing to do with her not liking me anymore or not wanting to have anything to do with me. If she didn't want it she wouldn't be jealous of the dog and wouldn't have any communication with me at all, not even non-verbal.  This not knowing exactly how she feels about me has been going on for over a year. I thought she refused to come clean herself I think it's more that she forced me to start looking for alternative communication options. And that is only possible with ignorance. It's a way of literally forcing a person to find other non-verbal options. And indeed that could be the reason for her behaviour. 

What I meant to say is that really every relationship takes time, a lot of time. Such relationships do not grow on a tree! What is most important is that they are worth nurturing and not giving up on! It's worth it and so I did it myself I didn't give up on it but I thought many times that I would. I still feel that one day we will be together. I don't know why but I really feel it for now I won't give up on it. 

That's all for today we read again in 4 days!