The truth about jealousy - Tips

 Today I am sharing something that I recently found on a site that I read often and I thought it was important for you to know. 

This jealousy has nothing to do with love, it is a different kind of jealousy. You will see in the article exactly what I mean by that. 

The truth about jealousy that no one tells you.

The other day I was watching my daughter browsing a social network and I asked her, "What are you thinking about?" She said, "Whenever I open Instagram, I just look at other people's lives, actions and experiences and wish I could do the same in my own life, and then I convince myself that it will never happen to me, no matter how much I wish it would. It makes me feel bad about myself."

Then I asked, "What do you want, but think will never happen to you?" She replied, "The last time I saw a picture on social media, it was of a girl who moved to a Mexican island, got a job, and now lives on the coast and is enjoying herself like never before. I said: 'Wow, that sounds nice. Why don't you do that?"

She said, "Mom, that's easier said than done. I got jealous when I saw her, because I would like to do something like that myself. I've always fantasised about travelling and exploring, but I don't even allow myself to think about doing what she did, because I guess deep down I'm thinking, 'Yeah, great for her, but there's no way I could do something like that. I feel like I'm running out of time, Mum. I'm already twenty-two. When she said, "I'm twenty-two," the first thing that came over me was, "You're kidding, right?", which, fortunately, I didn't say. My second thought was I can't believe how much she is already burdening herself. She's at the beginning of her life. She has time to spare and now is the moment to do something similarly remarkable. I didn't even say that. I just listened.

"Now I just want to travel and work. I dream of travelling. But I only see obstacles and reasons why it won't work. I'm not the kind of person who would just go for something like that, and I don't see how it could even work. I'm jealous of her and her wonderful life in Mexico because it's great for her and it would never happen to me." Then I pulled out one of the best tricks I have learnt as a parent. I said, "Do you want me to just listen, or do you want me to tell you what I think?" She looked at me and said, "I want to know what you think."

I told her, "What I see most is how not trusting yourself prevents you from even exploring your deepest dreams and desires, or taking a step towards them. You know exactly what you want. Ever since you went to Cambodia with your grandmother in eighth grade, your heart has been yearning to travel and explore the world. All the worries and doubts you have are normal. We all have them.

As long as you think "It will never be like this with me", you will not act on the things you dream about. It is normal to feel jealous when you see other people doing what you are afraid to do. But if all you do is THINK about what you want to do all the time, it's not a dream - it's a wish. Dreams require action. They require partnership. They only come true when you have the courage to take a step towards them."

If this conversation has touched you, if you are filled with self-doubt, you need to realise something simple - the world did not say, "You can't have this." YOU said it.

So we come to the end of this article I found it very interesting . I learned a lot myself. For more of this kind of content subscribe to the newsletter and you will be so up to date. See you again in 4 days.