Living alone - Time for you

 Today a new part of the story from my friend: living alone. 


I can't wait for the weekend. When I got home and when I was told at home about the move I went into my room and started looking for the first furnishings for the flat. I looked on the website from Lesnina and Ikea. I compared prices and I looked at reviews.

After an hour and a half of looking, I just picked out the things that I would buy first. I ordered a bed, a yoga mat, a dining table and two chairs. I am going to buy cutlery and a plate from a shop and I am going to buy a portable cooker and a coffee pot. It's a good thing I have some savings for all this.

I went to make my lunch, because I had told my mother earlier that there was no need to cook for me. I made pasta.

"You just came down." Mum said tearfully.

"Yes. I came down to make something to eat."

"But did you get hungry?"

"Yes, I am. Does it bother you?" I ask her.

"Not me."

"Be glad that on Saturday I'll start moving and then I'll be gone. So you'll have peace." I tell her.

"I'm looking forward to it." She replies rudely.

"Nice. Tell your dad. He'll be happy and calm about my visits to him." I tell her.

"I've already told him."

"Fine. What did he say?"

"He was happy."

"Nice." I reply.

I cooked my pasta and went to my room. I put a batch on the computer and ate the pasta.

This day was dragging on so long, I thought I was going to die. I decided to go for a walk, just enough to shake my head and make the time go by faster. During the walk I was thinking about the furnishings for the flat.

After a good hour and a half I got home and went straight to my room. I switched on the computer and kept looking at the furnishings for the flat and I also looked at the furnishings for the job.

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