What bothers me- Time for me

 Today I'll tell you what bothers me. 

It bothers me a lot when eyes say so many negative things. All the time, I don't like negatives and a bunch of things I don't care about. At least not anymore since I'm spiritually awakening, because I can literally devote myself to spiritual awakening and progress. 

Speaking of spiritual awakening. Now I am more concerned with practicing telepathic connection and receiving signals from my crush. Yes, I have a telepathic connection with my crush and I have the ability to feel her emotions. 

All in all it really bothers me that the eyes are so negative everywhere there is so much negativity. Well at least he sees it everywhere, I don't see it anywhere except maybe in him. He's always going on about how other people are to blame for his problems and how they could die and how he has no money and that he can't afford this and that. 

I wonder when he will understand that material things are worth nothing. I suspect that they are worth much less than mental wealth. Because sometimes it's more positive too, it's just not most of the time. But I really don't want to deal with that. That's why I often ignore it for such nonsense not for the rest, make no mistake. 

I am reading a book at the moment. Yes, I know most people are attracted by the word wealth in the title, but I am not. I was attracted by the word reading because I have been reading a lot more lately than I used to. Make no mistake, the book is not about finance! It's about how mental wealth is more valued than real wealth and also about how to be faster and more efficient at reading books. So how to read books faster and how to use that for more mental wealth. 

Yes, I know I should talk more about what bothers me. Well, what bothers me is that most people see the word wealth in this title but they don't see the word reading and consequently they don't read. Too bad for them, there are so many top books in the world that we could all read. I will, of course, share with you another book that I have read and translated from English. And I will share my notes with you. 

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