About me


Now I will tell something about me, that you will faster know me better, if you are new here. Reading all 246 posts is really tuff and I shall relieve knowing me.

My birthday is on 4th March 1999(oldness regarding on year find out alone).

I love animals, at home with dad I have 2 cats Ravi and Bučko, by mum yet cat Pika.

For 4 years I was going to theatre. I lived my dreams, which ends after 4 years. I wouldn`t love to say: end and because of that I am sad. I am not sad, I am happy, that I experienced something such as performing in theatre. You don`t always get opportunity , that you can perform or achieve your dreams. I wish to tell you, that also if last only one year or two – that is still better than never in life neither for one day, one performance, you aren`t living your dreams. At Earth there are a lot of people, that dont`t have or don`t get this opportunity. With that, that you are doing what really make you happy and that this „thing“ brings you money, you win. This yet would love also share on this blog – that is in basis a red string of my blog. How with hobby get to dream job.

Today, my dreams are that I shall be able to share my experience further. Yet also, that shall earn something with blog. I know this is Slovenia, it needs its time but do you know what is saying: All can be done, if you want and if a wish is enough big. 

What should I tell you yet about me: I am simple and simultaneously complicated. People, who first meet me, think that I am simple, but when pass a few years, they ralize, that I am not so simple how it looks. Yes, I have my opinion and know what I am doing, often yet also why do I do what. I am also brutaly honest, I would love to make something out of me without anyone give me money for car licence, which I wish to do so much.

Always love to help. If you need a help, write me!!! Also for advices I am exelent!!!

My biggest problem is that I rarely want something in exchange for things, that I have did for others, never want money or something else. To me is already enough that I was helping. This brings me joy!!! Truly not know better feeling, when see smilly face and exactly know, that this is because of you. Crazy – really full good feeling, be kind shall say Ellen.

So love helping, that if you shall love writing your blog, I am ready to help you and be mentor and this for free. Write me on my social networks or g-mail(found it in every post!!!)

So, think that I was told you the basis pf my jazz.

If something interest you, ask me under any post.

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