My first hobby

 Today I will talk about my hobby. I had a hobby that was in Pionirski dom in Ljubljana-Slovenia, I was 13 years old. There I went to painting and sculpture. The first year I changed every month because I wanted to try both at once, which we all know is not a good idea. Of course, I soon realized that, so I ended up taking only sculpture. I liked that better because I could make a mosaic, draw something, or even sculpt it out of clay. In short, there were many more opportunities for creativity than in painting. I made a lot of things:

The first product was this dog, as you can see, he is a little divine or. deleted (happened) hehe.

The next one is this puppy that wanted to be like the previous one and got a little messed up, but still it's exactly what I wanted.

This is a cat, in case you have not noticed, her name is Rumenka and she decorates my living room. She wanted to be a normal cat, but in the end she combined two of my favorite things: yellow and an animal (cat).

Here is another dog that is different than you can imagine. It's very interesting, it shows the language, I am just like that, I like to show everyone (no sessions, no).

Here, however, is my greatest pride in the two years since I have been here at the Pioneer Home. He was the greatest success in my elementary school, where he was admired by all the teachers. And even those who did not teach me at all could see him throughout the day, it was really amazing.

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