Everyone needs help

Today I am going to talk about what we humans all need. It is clear from the title that sometimes we all need help, be it an expert, relatives or friends. There is, of course, nothing wrong with this, because it is human, so it is of natural origin. I understand that it is very embarrassing for someone to talk about where they are going (psychiatrist, speech therapist, pediatrician, psychologist, rheumatologist, etc ...). But you don't have to be afraid or ashamed of it, because that's why they're there. To help people who need it and need it!

I also go to a psychiatrist and I can admit that it really helps me. I'm not ashamed of that. Sometimes I just say I have a counseling center because mostly they don't understand the word dar-uma (they give you something because I can't even explain what exactly it means). I prefer to use a counseling center to get me then they stop asking what it's about.

I also went to therapy workshops where we talked about our fears. The workshop was held once a month. But sometimes we also said how about emotions. For the most part, though, we talked about our families and things related to them. This made it easier for us to get to know others in the group. In this way, I got to know myself and my reactions in a specific situation. This workshop is still very close to my heart today, but I may not be able to visit it again.

I learned from this workshop that it doesn't matter what others think, it's important to tell you how you feel and what you think. But the workshop gave me a new impetus, a new strength to really think about how I was feeling (I still don't know today) and so I did my best (sadness, anger, disappointment, etc.). Sometimes I also cried and so I really did my best. I recommend everyone to visit various workshops.

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Rainbow Eve

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