Frist komment

You are probably wondering why there are no new posts??

They are, but I am publishing them on a new profile dedicated to this blog. You can find it under social media-pinterest.

Well, today I'm going to tell you how happy I am that I got my first comment on this blog.

I don't know if you noticed, but this is not my only blog. I have two murders. The second one is in Slovenian and I've been writing it for a little over 3 years. But it has at least 84 comments. And a lot of views, but for some reason, google does not want to approve it so that they can make money with it.

But I have to tell you that I also make money with this blog on Sundays or Mondays. last week. Dreams have indeed become reality. From now on, I will work on growing my audience and making better posts. Which will be useful both for you and for me. At the same time, I will do the same for my first blog, which is in the Slovenian language.

Well, so that I don't make red threads now, let me go back to how happy I am to have received the first comment.

If the person who wrote it is reading this right now (which I have no doubt), I must tell you that the day you posted this comment or even the day before, I was thinking about posting more than just once a week.

Therefore, there will be new posts every 4 days. I know you are excited about this news, and so am I. I can't wait to see how my blog will expand and be truly successful.

Yes, of course, I know that it takes time. He will get it soon, but this effort is certainly not in vain. What do you think, has my effort paid off so far???

So that's the end of today's post. See you again in 4 days.

Oh, I would soon forget, along with the news about earning money on this blog, another piece of news came. This is also a new Pinterest profile just for this blog and nothing else, so subscribe to it. Thank you! And of course to my blog here to keep up to date with posts.

I know you liked it, so subscribe to my blog. Thanks, see you next week, hehe

See you again in a few days.

Rainbow Eve

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  1. Karin, you are a wonderfull person and woman! Stay like you are. I hope you will find partner soon :) Your blogs are delicious. And don't be sad if sometimes some coments are not so positive, because, you are positive and some people aren't. Bye.

  2. Hi Karin, yea you are amazing person. Do more blogs we love to read them. Just add some theme so we can interact more with you. How was your day, what have you done, did you help your family with anything. How is your boyfriend, do you have fun guys together? Etc.. have a nice day :)


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