How to get over an ex?

 It happens when you and your partner realize that you are too different and different. And that they were too estranged or looked like they don't know each other anymore. Of course, this is nothing new, and nothing like that. After all, we all change and also need different changes and needs, then we become alienated. If we get married, after realizing that we are estranged, we separate and continue our lives.

And for each of you, this is a severe trial, which we call overcoming, few can easily endure it and it is not difficult for them. But some of you experience it differently, and yes, you are right, it is not easy. You think of that person all the time, everything someone says on TV or on the street or does reminds you of that person. I know how it is.

You think that you are to blame for what happened, but there are always more people who are not guilty. In the theater, we call this a conflict that arises for various reasons. That's why there are several leading roles in films and series. Because nothing is ever the fault of only one person, there are always at least two more blood cells. Between a good and a bad person, but in the sense of a relationship, it is not a good or a bad person. In this case, differences and changes are bad.

I don't know if I said it clearly enough, but there is a bad person who is not a person but is actually changing a person because we are different and over the years we remember each other. This means that a person who is now perfect for you in a few years becomes not imperfect but a stranger, because you no longer need his needs or hers and he is superfluous to you, and so we feel that we are estranged and when we realize this, it is better to part ways.

Then we start to get over it again.

What is the easiest way to get over someone???

I don't know about the murder, it depends on the individual, you, who are reading this, and each one individually. But I think the answer to this question is to take time for ourselves and cry until the end. In the meantime, let's consider why this happened and whether it was right considering the events that happened.

If the answer is yes, and it really was the best, then you have gotten over it and understood why it happened. Well done, you now know why and have accepted it. This means that you will therefore no longer suffer but move on.

I think getting over it is literally about thinking about what happened. But a lot of people think it's for mourning. Where is the fun, because no one died!!!!

He just realized that they had changed too much in the years or months of their relationship and that they no longer needed each other's favors. They have outgrown this, and now they need new challenges. What better way to get that than with a new love????

Yes, you can still be friends, this divorce does not always spoil it. So, if it happens, just think about why, and when you know it, it will be easier for you immediately, I assure you. You will still have beautiful memories that you will never forget.


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  1. You are a weird person. Talking about murdering someone to get over it. That is sick. I hope you will not do it. People who talk about that they are also doing that.


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