Don't talk, do it!

 Whenever I don't have an idea to write a blog, I open my idea notebook. I have many things written there, including topics for posts. This way, I almost immediately find the right topic, about which a new post (like this one) is then created. I found this thought in the notebook: The way to start is to stop talking and start doing (Walt Disney). I will stop by her today and say something about her. Even earlier, I will add a new type of posts called Motivation. I think we all need this and we could all benefit from it. You know, everyone needs a little or a big kick in the ass at some point. Someone can tell you something to convince you to do something for yourself and not for others.

The thought really reminds me of all the people who are smart and say, "You have to do it because everyone is doing it. It has to be done because what else are you going to do on the road??? Get a normal job because everyone has it??" Many people say such things to me. I'm not saying they're wrong. I'm just saying that I'm not the kind of person who fits the job of a sheep. Something everyone does. I'm special and I can't do this job. I tried but it didn't work. I won't try again. I prefer to do something that I will do myself and I will work for myself. I don't want to work for others!! I've said this countless times and I'll say it countless times. You, who are reading this, have also known this for some time.

People who say these things don't know what life means. They are just living it, not living it. We are different in this, I would like to live life, not just survive it. The job would give me some bigger finances than the social security, but that wouldn't change anything, because then I would be unhappy. I don't know if you understand me?? I don't want to have more money because I would have a job. That would destroy me. I would like to have more money when I do something for it myself. So, when I will work for myself and for my salary. But I didn't want to be paid by someone else for work that doesn't answer to me anyway. However, I don't want to do something I don't enjoy. I will do what suits me and make money doing it. For example with the two blogs I write. I have already achieved something, I still have to do something. When will I if not now when I'm young??

Will I live the dream at 50, 60, 70?? No, I will now. Why not now so that it will be easier for me later in life? Then why should I wait for a pension that I may never see??? Why should I do something that everyone else does and pretend to be happy, even though they know very well that they are suffering??? Why should I suffer with them alone??? Why can I suffer if I don't want to??? Did someone force me to do this?? Yes, of course they did, but somehow it doesn't work. It's not my destiny, that's why I'm not at work.

I would really like to achieve something myself. I know it's taking time, but I've already accomplished something. I reached the peak of my own career, which just didn't continue and nobody knows me today, but okay. I achieve and prove that the impossible is possible. Everything can be achieved with a strong will. Absolutely everything. That's why I'm asking you to follow your dreams now when you're young and not when you're retired!!! That's when the train left for me. He will never come back. Don't really say to yourself "I'll be there, I'll be there." Better do it now and prove to yourself and others that you can do it. The way I do it myself.

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Rainbow Eve

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