7 Favorite Christmas Movies Blogmas#9

 Today I'm going to tell you what my favorite Christmas movies are. I will list and describe 7 of them. I planned to publish this tomorrow, but one of the films is already on the program today (on pop TV), so I decided that it will be published earlier. I watched all the movies on divi.

1. Back to Christmas:

The film is about Hanna, who, with the help of a comet, finds herself in 2016. That is exactly 71 years after her time. She works as a nurse in a hospital. When he arrives in 2016, at first he doesn't know what happened or why. But soon she meets a man who tells her that he is the boy she once painted and who believes in miracles. She doesn't know how to get back home herself. Her friend from the hospital, who is now old and rarely says anything, helps her. She says that a comet that comes every 71 years will help her. But Hanna still doesn't understand why she came 71 years into the future. Thus, she realizes that she has done a lot to ensure that everything is as it should be in the future. In 2016, they go to the stone of the people who fell in the war and Hanna realizes that her husband's name is not there. She herself is convinced that he fell (died) in the war. She soon realizes that her husband has returned home. And so the story ends.

This is my description of the movie. Maybe it's a little unclear, so I'll add a description from the internet:

A World War II nurse (Hanna) finds herself in 2016, where she meets a man who helps her discover the meaning of Christmas.

2. Christmas exchange:

Identical twins decide to switch roles for Christmas and end up having the best Christmas of their lives.

3. Christmas Shoes:

When shopkeeper Noelle is trapped in the department store where she works on Christmas Eve, she must confront the ghosts of the past, present and future.

4. Christmas at Evergreen

A veterinarian wishes to have the most romantic Christmas of her life with a snow globe, but things don't turn out as she expected.

5. Christmas at Evergreen: Letters to Santa (This is like part two)

When Lisa returns to her hometown for Christmas and discovers that a popular general store has closed, she calls on the residents to save the store.

6. 12 days until Christmas:

After a long time, journalist Maggie runs into radio host Mitch, who has been her crush since her teenage years. When she learns that Mitch has become bitter and does not enjoy the Christmas holidays, Maggie decides to help him rediscover the magic of Christmas. Maggie transforms into a secret Santa who tasks Mitch with various tasks. Mitch shares his experience with his listeners. But Maggie soon finds herself faced with a difficult decision as her boss orders her to uncover the secret Santa. Will she admit to Mitch that she was the one sending him the gifts??

7. The Dog Walker's Christmas Story:

Luce Lockhart is beautiful, has perfect taste and sense of interior decoration, but all this is superficial and not related to emotions and friendship. Just before Christmas, she learns that her boyfriend Derek had no serious intentions with her. The expensive watch she bought him as a gift drained her bank account and her parents are in Africa. When her neighbor Missy asks her to watch her dog, Luce agrees - but only because she needs the money. She is not interested in dogs. At Christmas, however, everything changes when she meets Dean, a veterinary student, in the park.

This is my selection of movies for Christmas. See you again tomorrow!

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