Ravi tells the story Part 1 - Arrival

 Today I will not be speaking, but my cat Ravi will. These days it is 1 year since he came to me. If you would like my cat Ravi to tell me another story, please let me know in the comments. Thank you!

Ravi! Tell me a story how you arrival to me.

Hi, let me first introduce myself my name is Ravi. My owner was deciding whether to name me Ravi or Rjavcek, but since Rjavcek is a bit of a crappy name for her (I think it's great!), she finally decided to go with Ravi. Because my name really suits me. I almost forgot to say I'm a really special kitty because I'm a Siamese cat. Eva thought I was a girl at the beginning and her patience ran out when she found out, but she still had a lot of patience with me. 

The picture is symbolic!

Let's start with the day I first came to Eva's door. I have to admit that I would never have found her without her faithful feline friend, Butchcote. Her cat, Buchko, found me somewhere outside and told me that there was a house with a really huge garden and the owners let you go outside and play. Of course, you can play a bit of tricks and that's the cat's job, isn't it?? That's the way we are, but at least they don't throw us out because we meow too much and are annoying as a result. 

Anyway, he told me about this great house with a big garden and of course, I immediately asked him to take me to see this wonder. When we arrived, the owner (Eva's father) immediately offered me food. She also brought it to me sometime and they were very patient with me. It took me 3 weeks to get up enough courage to come inside. But that day, the owner Eva said enough is enough. You were in the kitchen with your father for 30 minutes, I remember it was a Tuesday. She closed the door then and I was under house arrest for a while. 

Eva was right and she locked Buchkot inside, and we became best friends. She was right, because I came in quite miserable. My ears were sore, I had a cold, my eyes were running. I accidentally gave Buchkot a cold and he was put under house arrest. Eva took care of me every day, I really needed it. It took her a while to clean all the pus out of my ears, I am very grateful to her. 

But when a week had gone by I was left alone with Eva's dad, I really thought Eva would never come back. But after a month she came back. Yes I was not very happy, because I had only known her for 1 week. I was a bit angry with her anyway, because she took such good care of me during the week she was with me. But then she disappeared. I needed time to forgive her, but it's true that I haven't got used to her yet. I was angry and offended with her. During that week I even got used to her a little bit just when I should have, but Eva disappeared. I had a right to be angry and offended and to grumble for another week after she came back. She was patient with me again then and of course she had to start all over again. This time she stayed at home for a whole month, but then she left again for a whole month. When she came back again, I was really very happy. She was a little afraid that I was.

This is the whole story of my arrival and how I got my new name. I give the floor back to Eva. 

That's the end of today's post, see you again in 4 days.