The meaning of Christmas Blogmas#23

 Today is a special Christmas post. I know no one knew this was my Christmas present to you. And Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2023.

the meaning of christmas.

But what is the real meaning of Christmas for me, I reveal to you now.

For me, Christmas is something truly beautiful and amazing, it is something that gives me new strength every year and reminds me that life is really worth living. Not only that, but also that life is beautiful. Something amazing and of course that there is a place for everyone.

Because it's worth living, because God or fate knows exactly why we are in this world and there's no point in beating around the bush and taking what you've got. Christmas is a special time of the year that means a lot to me, even though I spend most of it with myself. But why is this time so nice for me anyway????

 Because my family is still alive. And even when she is gone, she will be with me in my heart, one way or another. For me, the meaning of Christmas is just being with people I really love from the bottom of my heart and sharing with them what brings a smile to my face every day that is not Christmas. But I also know that there are people who somehow do NOT want to be with their family for Christmas. I'm sure they have a good reason, so I don't judge them and I never will, it's their business I won't interfere.

On the other hand, I find it appalling that these people have to be with someone they don't want to be with and not with those who do. For example, I would like to be with someone, but I cannot because they are not part of my family and because there are other reasons why that is not possible. But I know that this person is probably thinking of me anyway, because every time I write to him/her he/she is very happy to hear from me and I definitely brighten his/her day once a month. Which means more to me than this person imagines. Yes, it's funny when you write to someone and they write back and then they hear from you and 123 soon enough they see each other.

That's magic and that's exactly what matters to me. It's a little something just to take the time to reply, it's wow and then it brightens up not just one day but the whole month for me. Until the time when I decide to write again. Yes, it's the little things that really count for me, even the little things, the mini pins, the micenas, more than anything in this world. So be happy with the little things, because whoever is happy with the little things is worth a lot, but whoever is not happy with the little things is not worth much. 

That concludes today's post, see you again tomorrow!