Today I am going to talk about a big problem for women and men. I will also tell you the best way to deal with it. This post will talk about jealousy. 

It is a thing that is by no means pleasant. I don't want to have a boyfriend who is of the jealous variety. Why??? Because it means I will not be allowed to have any boyfriends and maybe even no girlfriends. Sometimes jealousy can be a good thing, because it tells you if you really like someone or not. But of course, to do that, you have to keep jealousy within normal limits and not overdo it!

I'll tell you one example that I use to check the reaction of guys to see if they are into me or not. Otherwise, it does or does not affect the relationship that follows. 

I tell the guy to imagine us as a couple. Then I ask him what he would do if he saw me kissing someone else? 

 The answers are:

I would kiss the man on the muzzle and the relationship would be over, I would end the relationship immediately. There were always answers that I didn't like. I really don't like violence and this goes beyond all limits. 

When I find out what he would do in this case, it really says a lot to me. Especially if he doesn't take into account the background (how it happened). Of course, I would also tell him everything he needs to know about it. I am by no means a person who would cheat on someone. 

It could be that I was forced into the kiss by my employer or a colleague and I couldn't say no. Or the person thought they liked me and forgot I was taken. Or he didn't care. Which doesn't mean he can do it. But it could be that I couldn't stop him at the right time. 

So, my correct response in such a scenario would be: wait until you see what really happened and then react. Do what you think is right. And maybe you will see how I throw him off and you don't have to. You don't even need to tell me later that you saw it. But you can.

That's the way it should be done with jealousy. It is always necessary to find out if the thing seen is true or if it is only an illusion. I am not saying that you are confused. Nor that you are wrong or that your eyes are lying. I am just saying check and when you are 1000% sure of something just strike. Oh yeah, get proof of your claim so the girl or guy won't be able to deny it. 

So, that's my opinion on jealousy and what I would do. I know, it sounds rather detectivey. At least that way we won't be bored, right????

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