The Intuition

 Today I am going to talk about intuition. Someone asked me yesterday what intuition is and what is its definition. Well, I found it in the SSKJ (Slovenian Standard Dictionary) and it says this: 

 intuícija (The Intuition) -e ž (í) direct perception, perception of the essence of something, independent of rational parsing, inspiration: to surrender, to surrender to intuition; to work, to create by intuition, with intuition; endowed with intuition; exp. work is the fruit of naked intuition

// intuitiveness: to have intuition; a treatise testifies to the author's great intuition

Dictionary of the Slovene Literary Language 

I honestly couldn't explain to him what intuition was. Somehow I know that it's a feeling that we all have in our bodies. Supposedly it is connected with the heart (I really don't know what it has to do with the heart yet). 

For me, intuition is a feeling that I detect somewhere in my body. I don't know where, because I haven't looked into where it hurts or where it comes from. But from today I will pay more attention to where this feeling comes from and where I really feel it. 

I have a really difficult time ahead of me because I am about to undergo a huge change that I never expected, I never knew it was possible for this to happen to me, let alone that it even existed. In short, I am talking about enlightenment. Yes, it seems crazy to me too, and it is not very clear to me. All I know is that I have a lot of things that I have to process with myself and understand in order to understand enlightenment itself. 

With this enlightenment, my intuition has been greatly increased. Sometimes I even cry for no reason. That is also part of it. But I also have to start meditating, because I can learn to control the mind, because one day I can overcome it. How I am going to achieve that I really have no idea. But I know that what is happening to me has really changed my view of the world and everything around me. I will see something more than most people in this world. I am not saying that you will not understand, I am just saying that there is a really slim chance that you will. There is about a 0.00000000000001% chance of that. So if you don't understand don't really bullshit yourself believe me it's not worth it. Enlightenment is worth it but making everyone understand it is not!!! 

I will, of course, continue to talk about this topic, because it is something that interests me and that I can actually focus on. But also because this topic includes some other important questions of life, such as: what is the meaning of life?, are we human beings in the world for a reason and what is that reason?? (besides learning?), what happens to us after death?, Why are some babies born dead or mothers miscarry during pregnancy?, Does the soul ever die?, Is heaven really a place or is it just a state of being?, Does incarnation exist?, Why do some people remember past lives??, What were we before we became human?, What exactly are lucid dreams??? What is meditation and how can it help you in your life?, What is a double flame?, What is the mind and how to recognize it?, What is 11/11 energy????, Why do you see 11:11 on the clock??, What about other identical clocks, does this have any meaning???, Coincidences exist???.... 

All this and more in upcoming posts. I am enjoying the search for myself and the truth about life in general. It is still something crazy and amazing for me. Rumour has it I'm going to have a lucid dream soon, I can't wait!!! 

That'll be all for this post I enjoyed writing and you enjoyed reading so we/you/we both/we/you win. Jes! See you again in the next post in 4 days. Have a great day and keep it up.