Christmas breakfast ideas Blogmas#5

Today I'm going to give you some ideas for Christmas breakfast.

In short, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. That's what everyone who is into healthy eating would say. But I think breakfast is good when you make time for it. It's not when you're in a real hurry and you have to do something in 5 hours. I mean the breakfast that you spend at least half an hour or 1h and then you eat it for another half an hour or more. So here are some ideas for breakfasts that take a little more time and are better if eaten slowly and with pleasure. Not to be crammed into 5h minutes. You can use them even outside the "Christmas season".

1. Pancakes: who doesn't like them?? I love them!! My favourite is American pancakes with baking powder added. I can also share the recipe with you if you like. Plain pancakes are good too. One day I tried the ones with maple syrup and butter, it was really good. You can also add fruit to the pancakes.

2. Omelette: I love this one too, as it's the way to eat at least an egg or two. I like to make them with salami and cheese, but I haven't tried the other options yet. It's really good. You can also add vegetables. If you haven't had it before, you can easily try it. My recipe is just to put a little oil on the pan and then a well-beaten egg. You put a little more spices and grated cheese inside, then put salami or ham in the middle, which you can brown a little beforehand to make it a little crispier. Then you put a little more cheese in the middle, also grated, and that's it. You have a beautiful omelette, which you then roll up to make a pancake. Enjoy a top breakfast.

3. Healthy pizza: Who knew pizza could be healthy?? Me, because I make pizza at home with breadcrumbs and eggs (1-3). Then I add ham and cheese and cover it all with a lid to melt the cheese. Then I slice it and have it for breakfast or leave it for dinner. My grandmother used to make this pizza for me when I was a child. I only like to eat pizza like this sometimes, when I can't make a real pizza.

4. Flakes: for a few days now, my mum has been eating only flakes, which I boil in milk to make them softer. It also makes them more filling (you're full for a few hours). I make them with nuts, oatmeal, add a spoon or two of sugar and of course put fruit on top. No breakfast without strawberries, raspberries, bananas and blueberries ( can be other fruit too). Sometimes I add some chia seeds on top (seeds are full of protein).

These are my most frequent breakfasts, and I love them. Pizza and pancakes are also good for dinner (if you'd like me to tell you what else I like to eat for dinner, drop me a comment).

That's the end of today's post, see you tomorrow!!!