I keep working - Breaking news Blogmas#16

Today I will tell you what I have planned for the New Year. 

I'm keeping myself busy at work so I decided to tell you what I'm going to open in the New Year. The title of the post will be Time for you. Because time for you sounds too similar to time for me and someone could be mistaken. This option is something that I myself wanted to have while I was already writing the blog. Because somehow you can know whether you're good at it or not.  I mean, I wish I had had that option then, but because of my own desire, I'm now giving you the opportunity to try it out and maybe one day you'll have your own blog. You never know. I was self-taught. Yes, I looked at foreign blogs, because there are quite a few Slovenian ones and I have to admit there should be more. Especially since everything has moved to the internet and almost nobody is on physical books anymore. So if you need a mentor for your blog, here I am, take advantage of me (in a good way). If I see someone abusing me in a bad way I will not work with that person again!!! I know you will report me! Thank you!! 

So, in the New Year, I am opening up the possibility. I will do a new thing on the blog and there will be some updates. I don't know if it will be with the new year, because I'm very busy until then and you know the holidays and stuff. But I will try to make sure that there will be an update soon. 

The newness will not be affected by the update! 

What is new is that with the new year I am opening up the possibility that if you are interested in how a particular post is made, you can write a post for me, which I will then publish here on my blog. You can write a post just for your own amusement or because you want to try your hand at writing. 

This service will be free forever! If I feel that your posts are too much I will help you to make your own blog, I will offer this to the first 3 for free forever!!! The rest of you, when I get the first 3 mentorships, find out the details of the payment amount but it will definitely be less than the market. 

The conditions for working with me are: 

Willingness to write, 

Interest in writing, 




If you would like to become my student, please contact me at gmail: karla.orazem@gmail.com or on social networks. 

For more information, please also contact me at gmail or social networks. 

See you again tomorrow!