My winter's day? Blogmas#9

Today, I'll tell you my winter morning routine. 

My day starts at 7am-8am. First I make and publish the posts for the day by telling you that there is a new post on my blog. 

Once I have done that I go to the bathroom to do my facial. Then I go into the kitchen and make breakfast and coffee, which I make in a pot-thermometer because sometimes I forget I have coffee and it gets cold crazy fast. And the coffee or tea stays warm there for about 4 hours.

During breakfast, I watch YouTube videos of people who are programmers recording their days. After that, I go to the blog and look at the previous day's views and write a new post, and if I don't have an idea, I look it up. 

I have lunch soon. And my morning routine is over. The process is repeated because I watch youtube during lunch. Then I go to write the blog again, if I've spent the morning looking for an idea I've found it by now. So I write a post (one or two). Then I go and watch the series and put my brain out to pasture, because I have been really hard-working today and I have done a lot. 

I do this until 4 p.m., when the chickens go to bed and my job is to shut them in (to protect them from the possible arrival of the fox). Then I continue watching the series. Around 9pm I go to bed. 

That's kind of how my day goes in winter. 

See you again tomorrow!