Solitude Chapter 1 - Time for you

Today, I will speak. It's time for the first post in a new series of posts. Become a blogger, here's the first girl who wants to share her artwork with you. She has written a story entitled: Solitude. The story is about a girl called Lina who lives with her mother. Well, I won't tell you everything because it would ruin the story. So I'll paste what I have and you can read it yourself. 


I'm Lina, I live in Ljubljana and I'm 18 years old, I live with my mother, I'm an only child and I'm in my third year of high school, I'm in a gardening programme, and my mother and I live in a house. I really like going to the practice because in the practice we get to know new plants and it's easier for me to imagine them and it's also easier for me to remember them.

I can't wait to finish school because I can't stand certain professors and subjects. I finish my classes every day at two o'clock, and the good thing is that my home is close to the school, so I walk to school and home every day. Around the house we have a big garden and my mother and I have a lot of plants planted. It's a nice garden. We both look after it. My mother and I get on very well and we are like best friends, like mother and daughter. It's good that we have such a big garden behind the house and in front of the house so that we can plant pot plants. We also get a lot of plants at practice and I take them home. And Mum is very happy that I bring them home.

Now I will tell you a little bit about our house and the surroundings. Our house is two-storey with an attic. On the ground floor there is a kitchen, a dining room, a living room, a small toilet, a storage room and two bedrooms. On the first floor there are three bedrooms, a bathroom, a small office and a small kitchen with dining room. And on the second floor there are three bedrooms, a bathroom, a smaller kitchen with dining area and a larger office. And in the attic there is a lot of stuff that is from both of us, and boxes from my childhood, and boxes of my notebooks from primary school and from the first and second year of secondary school.

I have not known my father since I was a little girl, and my mother does not want to tell me why they separated, and I do not force her to ask questions about my father. She has told me many times that I look very much like him. I am very happy that she has such a compliment about me and my father. On the one hand, I like the fact that my mother and I have such a big house, so that I can go wherever I want when I am angry or when I want to be alone. When I have my own job, I'm going to make myself an apartment on the second floor.

My mother works in a company founded by her father, my grandfather. The company writes articles for all the newspapers and magazines that are in Slovenia. The name of the company is called Članek, it is not something special, but it is still an okay name for such a company. When I finish school I will also work in this company. I am going to make an apartment on the second floor, so the second floor is not furnished. Because my grandfather knew that when I grew up I would stay at home with my mother. He also knew that I would stay at home.

Today my mum picked me up from school. It's a good thing she picked me up, because today it's very hot outside and if I had walked home I would have died from the heat. Mum, are you going to eat something for lunch? No, thank you. I ate in the company'. Good. I'm going to have a little something because I'm hungry. Okay, sweetheart. I'm going to change. "I've made pasta on white and gone to watch TV.

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