Why do I love blogging? updated

Today I'll tell you why blogging means so much to me. I have 10 reasons: 

Creativity: I love being creative and this is a great opportunity to prove myself. 

Responsibility: It's something that others don't have or have trouble with, and it's something I have too. That's exactly why I started writing a blog, to learn how to do it. You're right I wanted to be responsible for something. 

Improvisation: I love improvisation from my days in theatre (which I still love!). Later on I realised that I work best when I improvise, and that's when I literally mean everything I say and I'm even more sincere. This really comes in handy in my everyday life. 

Learning: I'm learning proper grammar and how to get views and folowers, marketing, programming, through my blog. I could go on and on. In short, there's a lot to learn. 

Usability: I know it sounds stupid, but think about it, it's useful for you to learn things that you would never have thought of or gone online to look up. I do that and tell you something that is interesting. 

Journalism: I have always been very interested in this and with the blog I have a chance to do it. My mother and grandfather were both journalists and wrote for the newspaper Delo, which is still published. My grandfather even did a very extensive archive for a city. After his death, he gave this place (more like my mother and my grandmother) all the pictures he had taken in his lifetime. 

Photos: When I write posts about my days, all the pictures are mine. That's where my talent really shows. 

Stories: I love to write stories but sometimes I run out of ideas. I wrote a very good story: The girl with the pencil and the eraser. I know that one day I will publish a book. 

Hobbies: I have a lot of hobbies and I wanted to share that with the world (with you). That's the reason I started a blog, because I have so many hobbies that I thought it might give you an idea for an interesting hobby. Which I would like to try. 

Dreams: I love dreams and now I also have lucid dreams (these are dreams in which you are aware that you are dreaming and consequently have control over them: more about them another time). I myself had a dream that I would write a blog, because why not? And, since I'm not in the theatre anymore, this is my new dream. But with the blog I also stress the importance of following your dreams. Because it really pays to follow the dreams you have and to do everything you can in doing so. Once you've lived your dream, you'll know that it was really worth taking so many risks and struggles. I have experienced this feeling myself, as I ended my acting career at the peak!!! Now it's time for a new dream! Luckily, I never run out of them.

So the new year is here and I wish you all the best and I'll add a little bit of my happiness. May 2024 be a happy and joyful year, but also an enlightening one, full of downfalls and great successes. We learn the most from the downs! It's not how many times you fall, but how many times you pick yourself up! So I wish you falls, because then it can only go up! We'll be reading all year and for a few years after this year hehe.

See you in few days.