When are the right years to be in a relationship? - Love

 Today, a little bit about love.

I have my own thoughts about it. A partnership or a serious relationship is not something that can be had overnight and it takes a lot of time and work on the relationship before it is ripe for upgrading. Some people think that a bond and a relationship is based on sexuality but that is absolutely not the case. A relationship takes time and commitment and more time and commitment. I know I talk a lot about time because that is really necessary in a partnership.

It is best not to force anything. There is a commitment and a bond only when we are ready for it.

I know people who have been together since they were 15, I know people who only met the person for themselves at 40, and I know people who are in between those years or even later.

So don't force yourself into a relationship with someone because it doesn't bode well for you. As I have learnt there is no right age for a relationship and there never will be. We all meet our soul mate or the person we share our life with when the time is right. Not when you think you are ready. The Universe knows exactly when you are really ready. You just have to trust it, and bad relationships are only a preparation or a prelude to something much better.

There is no point in being in a bad mood because you don't have a girlfriend/boyfriend no matter sooner you accept that you will be alone sooner new love will come when you least expect it. This has happened to me at least 3 times. It was always the same, I accepted that I would always be alone and a new love came from a completely unknown direction. Crazy I tell you!

Never give up on having someone you will be with when the time is right until then subscribe to the newsletter to keep up to date and of course as I have said many times follow your dreams! The person who is meant to be with you will come your way while following your dreams not while looking for love. So follow your dreams and when you do, love will come. Expect the unexpected!!! See you again in 4 days!