Solitude Part 2 - Time for you

Today is the second part of a story written for me by a friend. 


My mother and I have rooms on the ground floor, and when I have a job in a company and earn enough money, I will get a flat on the second floor. Because Mum and I will live in the same house, but she'll be on the ground floor and I'll be on the second floor. The entrance to the second floor is made outside, there is a covered staircase.

When I am independent, and when I have my own family, we will go up the outside stairs to the flat. It's a good thing my grandfather did it that way. Now until I do school and until I start earning my own money I will live with my mother on the ground floor.

I went to my room to get ready for school the next day. The time was five o'clock in the afternoon, when it was still hot.

"Mum, for dinner, will you have something to eat?"

"I can, but something light."

"Good. How about I make one salad?"

"I can yes. What kind of vegetables do we have in the fridge?"

"Just a little. There's lettuce, tomatoes, carrots, beans, corn in the fridge. That's it from the vegetables."

"Good. Which vegetables will you take?"

"I'll take lettuce, tomatoes and beans."

"Good. Do the same for me, but add corn."


Mum went into the garden and I started to prepare the salad. I washed the vegetables, cut them up and put them in a big bowl.

I took two bowls out to the garden where Mum was and she was on a deck chair.

"Here's to Mum. I hope you have enough salad." I offered her her salad bowl.

"Thank you Lina. Yes, yes there will be enough."

"But will you have a piece of bread with it?"

"Yes, I can."

"How much?"

"Two pieces, please."

"Changed. I'm going to go look."

"Thank you."

"Yes, Mom."

I went to look for four pieces of bread, and put it on a smaller plate. And I put the plate down on the plastic table that was set up, between the two deck chairs.

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